I know our average for forecasting Significant Severe Weather has not been the greatest this year….HOWEVER, the setup for tomorrow needs your attention whether we are right or wrong. 

As of the latest atmospheric information this is the area that need the most attention from 3-11pm tomorrow.

Tomorrow has been labeled a “Moderate” risk day by the SPC. However, anywhere surrounding the “Moderate” risk, in the “Enhanced” area also has potential for very large hail, (baseball size or larger) heavy rain, 70+mph winds and a few Tornadoes.

We will update you overnight as the newest data will release soon.

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We will provide you with a more detailed update early tomorrow…as things we are seeing now could see could changed.

The key tomorrow will be storms that fire on the Dryline and where will the Dryline be located mid to late afternoon…
Questions, please ask-

Good night Weather Watchers–