Good afternoon Weather Watchers! A PERFECT Spring Day for everyone in the Sunflower State!! 

Let’s discuss a few things we haven’t had a chance to discuss. 

For our Android users- we are aware that our App is not working correctly for you. Apple users are not experiencing any issues. This has been brought to the attentention of our App provider and should be handled soon. Our App is titled Weather Watchers and is available in the Apple store and Google Play store. It is a GREAT App. It is FREE. 

Below is an image of a funnel we observed yesterday located just East of Sawyer KS in Pratt County yesterday, while I was out chasing with our Moderator Derek who lives around the Pratt area.




We had a good afternoon watching storms develop – I wish I could meet all of our other Moderators in the field–PS- these are our nice embroidered Polo Shirts available for only $45.

If you want to join us as a Moderator- please message us- we definitely need coverage in the Dodge/Garden City area but anyone is welcome. 

As the week moves forward our chances of moisture increase. We will provide you with a FULL forecast tomorrow morning as we will likely have a better handle on the who, where and how much moisture we can expect through the weekend. It appears to be a Cool and cloudy week with intermittent Showers and Storms- just what we need. 

Weather Watcher Jake Fine shot this image looking towards Salina- nice picture.  We got MANY great pictures yesterday- GREAT job SHARING YOUR WEATHER, please continue to do so! 


Lastly, we are working on a project where Weather Watchers would come to your community on a Saturday afternoon, assemble and launch a weather balloon carrying weather instruments, a camera and GPS device.  Once the balloon reaches 110,000 ft ( close to 20 miles ) it pops and falls back to earth. We then retrieve the device, plug it into a laptop and show the video of the different layers of the atmosphere and at the very top of the atmosphere we will be able to see the curvature of the month. 

If this is something you think you would like to bring to your community, please let us know- send us a message. It is an amazing thing to experience.  It really puts things in perspective..

Have a good evening everyone! 

Team Weather Watchers