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What an absolutely perfect day in the Sunflower State! We get a day or so to dry out before another system moves in late Tuesday into the overnight with rain ending from West to East Wednesday morning. Return flow brings moisture North by Tues with an additional .50-1.50″ of rainfall for many areas by the time it ends Wednesday. 

After the mid week rain, we dry out until Thursday night with rainfall returning overnight Thursday into Friday continuing through Saturday night. 

This is what we look at to provide us with storm track and the strength of storm systems. It lets us know what the upper winds are doing and how fast they are. You can tell a lot by looking at this level in the atmosphere- we’ve discussed many time-it’s the 500mb level which is close to 19000 ft above sea level. 

After we look at the upper level then we look at the lower level- to see how much wind shear to expect.

Remember- directional shear is the changing of wind direction with height. Speed shear is when you have strong winds at different heights in the atmosphere- wind alone can determine whether your storms are individual Supercells or clusters of storms. 

Additional storms are likely the following week as well.

In the LONG TERM, seeing summer temperatures build in as High pressure forms by the first week of June..An additional wet period is possible around the last 2 week of June.

Here are what the models are thinking for precipitation over the next 10 days.

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