Good morning Weather Watchers!

The HiRes short term models handled this current system very well!

We saw some freezing rain in our Hutchinson office this morning:

One piece of energy is in Eastern KS now:

A second piece is in NORTHWEST KANSAS moving Southeast:

Model depiction identified these areas of precipitation very well.

As temperatures Warm it will become ALL Rain…

Here are what the HRRR HiRes models are showing for the rest of the day:

The total amount of Precipitation has been <.15


We are already seeing return flow set up -Winds have turned back to the South. The COLD area of High Pressure has moved to our EAST so the Clockwise flow around that High is what causes our winds to return to Southerly.

Speaking of WINDS- THEY WILL BE STRONG FROM WED-SAT ad A STRONG storm begins to form Wednesday in the Northern Plains. You can see it here in our temperature and wind forecast models:


Below : 1AM Friday morning – look at the SUMMER LIKE TEMPS FORECAST FOR 1AM- These temps will likely be our HIGH TEMPS for Friday- as the Cold front moves through temps will fall…

7AM Temps Friday:

Severe Storms will likely occur East of Kansas in SW MO, Eastern OK and TX as well as Western Arkansas.

The Storm Prediction Center is already advertising Severe Potential 6 Days Out-

Again- let us know your moisture totals –

Have a good day-

Weather Watchers