Good morning Weather Watchers!

The first round of moisture is beginning to make its way out of Western KS. It is moving East Northeast.

You can also see the brighter white colored cloud tops over Central KS – that represents the showers we are experiencing this morning. Notice the color of the satellite image to the Southwest. That is a dry slot in the atmosphere that is moving NE towards NW OK and Kansas. That area will fill in with Thunderstorms late this afternoon – heavy rain is likely throughout the evening and overnight with some Severe weather possible in Southwest Kansas.

Rainfall totals still appear to be 1-2″ over the Eastern 2/3rds of the Sunflower State, some isolated 3″ totals possible.

Western sections should expect  .50″-1″ 

Additional Thunderstorms are possible as the Warm front moves North Wednesday night into Thursday night bringing with it warmer and much more humid conditions. 

Additional Thunderstorm chances are possible for the end of the weekend into early next week with Temps climbing into the 80s. 

Keep us posted by reporting rainfall totals.


Weather Watchers