Good evening Weather Watchers!

Just wanted to provide you with an of what to expect over the next week.

Here is the current Regional Map:

 We have a couple pieces of energy that will follow the jet stream providing some light snow/wintry mix.
This is the 500 mb around 18,000 
Here is the 700mb right around 10,000′ ft

Notice how the jet stream pulls down the cold air – today the jet stream is running right through the State:

The temperatures around 4PM had a 50 degree temperature gradient-25 in Lawrence and 75 in Elkhart…Got to LOVE KANSAS!!

Can you find the surface Low on map below??  Remember what you look for?

Let us know where it is if you find it…

We will give away a couple RAIN GAUGES!  

We warm up BIG TIME next week!

We might even see 80s by THURSDAY!

 Our next chance of moisture looks to be around the 22nd. 

The Valentine day system we had been discussing for a few weeks is tracking East of KS – 

The Ridge out West should begin to break down giving us the ability to see some Southwest systems to develop – those have been the storms where we have gotten decent moisture this Winter.

El Niño has actually strengthened this last month. This will likely be the strongest El Niño on record. 

It is one of the most odd as SoCal has only received just over 4″ of rain this Winter. NoCal North to Washington State has had the “firehose affect” with incredibly heavy rainfall and flooding- Something typically seen further South during El Niño years. 

Have a great night everyone.

Questions, please ask!