Good Sunday morning Weather Watchers!!


The weather will be almost perfect the next 7-10 days before we return to an active pattern.

With the exception of a little cooler day today, next weeks weather looks beautiful with Highs here in the Central Plains very comfortable!

Expect upper 50s to low 60 in Kansas and Oklahoma. 

The Jet Stream stays way North which looks to be the theme this Winter. 

The models we look at for guidance into the the future are starting to show some of the activity we are anticipating the latter half of the month. There is no since showing you anything as they truly chance every 6 hours!

The AO teleconnection which we watch for indications of cold air making its way South from Canada/Arctics is showing a chance for a cooler air after the 16th-up until then the index remains positive or neutral..take a look:

 I know this looks very boring- but it is VERY important when it come to weather.
Based on our long range forecast technique we know the weather will become active here in the Central Plains sometime around the 13-16th and should continue through the first week or 10 days of the new year.

Yes- this should give our chances for a White Christmas a bit of a boost.

Ok- have a GREAT day! 

We will update you early next week on what we are seeing…