If this was Spring we would have a severe weather outbreak on our hands….

Look at the current set-up

A Cold front moving NW to SE. Strong warm SW winds being drawn in as well as a moisture flow from the Gulf.

The SE quarter of the State would be under the gun but since we are in January it’s not going to happen.. instead expect some rain developing later today changing to Snow.

Here is what we are thinking for NE Kansas… If you are traveling I-70 East, prepare for Hazardous winter driving conditions.

I-35 North from KC will be rough if not impossible later this afternoon into the evening.

EXPECT STRONG NORTH WINDS GUSTING TO 40mph this afternoon into evening and continuing overnight in most areas ushering in VERY COLD AIR!

Highs Saturday in the 20s- with temps quickly recovering into the 40s for the Western 3/4 of Kansas Sunday.


Stay tuned for updates as this storm begins to develop….

Weather Watchers