Good late evening Weather Watchers-

Our earlier forecast looks on track….

Moisture is increasing as from the South into South Central Kansas ahead of the Cold front!

Check out the STRONG WINDS behind the front- GUSTS TO 48/49 mph!!!

The Blue dots in Eastern OK into South Central KS represents a cloud deck/moisture that is getting drawn NNW into the Storm system…

Here are snowfall forecasts — they have been consistent the last 36 hours which gives us Medium confidence in the placement of the area that will see more snowfall than other.

These are 2 different Models but are fairly similar in placement of the Snowfall.

30-50 miles West or East can change our forecast – just be aware that rush hour travel will likely be impacted tomorrow morning.

Lastly- who can feel this system??

We will update you in the morning –

WE HAVE KEPT YOU POSTED- PLEASE KEEP US POSTED TOMORROW MORNING… SHARE YOUR WEATHER WITH OTHERS- Post what you are experiencing, especially if road conditions are rough – this is our FIRST Statewide Winter Weather event… please drive safely…