Many of you know that we believe a specific weather pattern sets up in the Fall and repeats through the following Summer. We also believe there are patterns within the patterns. 

I know many of you have tracked this and we encourage to write notes on a calendar to refer back to as the pattern sets up and repeats. 

We utilize the 500mb weather charts as that is around halfway up through the atmosphere. 

Keep in mind if it snows 10″ one day it might or might not repeat that surface feature as the pattern repeats itself. 

It will likely be cooler, maybe cloudy, maybe not, we know certain features in the atmosphere will be close by.

Here is an example….

This was the 500mb map Nov 8, 2014

Look familiar??

This is forecast for June 29th, 2015 

Tell us the map below doesn’t fit the flow from November 8, 2014….

No one around here will forecast this way or even admit repeating weather patterns even exist.

Who thinks it will be a cooler than average July and somewhat wetter somewhere in the plains States?

 We do……

If you think so, please watch this space as we will show you how and why.

As Summer continues we start seeing the pattern begin to transition late Summer into the first part of Fall.

Once it establishes itself it is amazing to watch late Fall through the upcoming Summer. We can predict Snow storms,  Severe Weather, Heavy precip events weeks in advance, and let you know if your wedding day or family reunion will be sunny or rainy 60-120 days in the future.

This is our forecasting tool we talk so much about. Does it make since or do you think we are crazy? LOL

It is like nothing you have ever seen!

More on this in later updates!

Have a GREAT NIGHT Weather Watchers! 

Would love your feedback….