Good evening Weather Watchers!! 

Tomorrow is a day to take very seriously….be prepared as any storm that develops will likely rotate and be capable of up to BASEBALL size hail, Heavy rain, Strong winds and unfortunately Tornadoes, some which could be STRONG.

As the main piece of energy approaches Western KS Thunderstorms will develop and move ENE – almost like a pin wheel. We will likely see 2-4 rounds of Supercells. 

Don’t focus on the RED as it will likely move Northeast as storms develop throughout the afternoon and evening. 
 Notice storms could be around after dark-so PLEASE PAY ATTENTION and be WEATHER AWARE!! 

Prepare NOW!!!

Please use this space as a place to post images and SHARE YOUR WEATHER!!

Your information may save a life…,

We will update you in the morning!’

We don’t usually share this however is what we look at when we want to know what kind of Tornado threat we have. As you can tell it appears to be VERY SIGNIFICANT..,,

I would love to wake up and tell you the threat has decreased- I don’t see that happening…. 

Please be safe!!