Hello everyone!

Expect Development in NW Kansas around 5-7pm as a cold front moves SE across the State.

Early on we could see a Hail threat over NW through North Central KS as these storms grow upscale and form into an MCS they will become more of a wind a heavy rain event for Central and South Central KS… the clouds and showers will likely hang around Thursday through mid to late morning.

Instability will not be very significant Thursday so expect a lull in development Thursday into Thursday night-maybe a FEW very isolated showers at max heating then falling apart quickly.

The front that moved through Wed moves back North Friday afternoon – Storm will develop along this boundary with Hail, Strong Winds, Heavy rain and a light show from lots of lightning.

The front doesn’t move much for Saturday night into Sunday with additional development areawide.

We are expecting 2″-5″ of rain by the time the rain ends Sunday morning ( isolated higher amounts )

The front then moves South out of the area on Sunday.

The area of High Pressure or Ridge that our weather has been influenced by the last few weeks is moving West which is allowing the clockwise flow around it to turn to the Northwest over our area.

The area of High Pressure gives the Desert SW including Southern CA a heatwave. High around 25 degrees above normal- LA/SanDiego could see 100 with the inland Valleys and Deserts MUCH warmer.

The High begins to return the TX/OK Panhandle by mid to late next week and we go back ABOVE NORMAL temp wise before we see the Ridge flatten out- with additional rain chances by the first Full week of August after a mini heatwave.

We will keep you posted on our thoughts- as things begin to come together… Will we see any flood watches? It’s possible later this week….stay tuned

How much moisture do you need for your fall crops?? Is there still hope in your area or have things burnt up…Please let us know…

LASTLY, who is ready for our NEW pattern? Remember it begins to develop September-November…