Hello Weather Watchers!!

What a MAY we saw unfold…..just amazing!! The drought is likely over in the Central Plains. We will see when the drought report comes out Tuesday morning. 


I’m sure most of the area will be listed as normal. The highest rainfall amount I saw was 24″ around Southern OK area- absolutely incredible!

The pattern is changing- we look at the 500mb level to see that. Remember the 500mb level is around 18,000 ft. 

The summer pattern usually produces an area of High pressure in the desert Southwest. 

Here is what models are forecasting this week. 


Take a look into the week after next….does that look familiar?? It’s the same upper air flow that led to the 100+ inches of Snow that occurred this winter in the Northeast. Isn’t it AMAZING how systems repeat??

This week:

Temperatures and Humidity will be on the increase throughout the week with breezy conditions throughout the daytime hours. Chances of overnight Thunderstorms ( nocturnal storms) are possible especially in Northern KS – 

As of today- Wednesday and Thursday overnights have decent chances of storms.


We will keep you posted as the pattern continues to transition- things could change so make sure to check back!!

Have a good day Weather Watchers!!


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