When you saw the above title you probably thought am I reading a Weather Watchers post? 

Yes you are. 

There hasn’t been any mainstream reporting on this interesting scientific project that includes 80 personnel from agencies such as NASA, NOAA, Dept of Energy and the National Science Foundation. 

This project is running from June 1- July 15 and is focusing on Nightime Thunderstorm complexes called an MCS-Mesoscale Convective Systems.

The equipment they are using includes  5 Jets, mobile radar trucks, stationary radar, mobile units with measuring equipment and drones!

This compound is located West of Lacrosse KS on Hwy 4
This is one of the drones:  

One of the Mobile units:   
PECAN stands for Plains Elevated Convection At Night 

Here are a few questions the project is trying to answer:
– How do small-scale features in the atmosphere cause and maintain convection after sunset? 
– What processes control the intensity and severity of nighttime MCSs? 
– What observations are needed to improve forecasts of the formation and evolution of nighttime storms? 

They have and will continue to have MANY opportunities to observe Nightime convection. 

For complete information on this project, please click on this link PECAN15 .

Stay tuned for our Forecast which includes chances for Severe Thunderstorms Sunday afternoon and evening over the Southeastern half of the State and with additional storms possible again on Monday night.

We hope you enjoy reading about this interesting project.