Hi Weather Watchers..

We started out a very cool May with hardly any Gulf moisture in the Lower 48 except along the Gulf Coast states.

By Thursday return flow kicks in returning winds to the South over Western sections of the State. High Pressure is exiting to the Southeast.

By the weekend, models are predicting dewpoints in the 60s for the Eastern 2/3rds of Kansas-we will have to see how that actually plays out- the better the moisture in place the more potential for surface based severe storms vs non-severe storms.

Chances for rain/Thunderstorms  are possible from Sat night through Monday as a storm system develops in Western KS with upper level support moving in Sunday/Monday. 

Temperatures will be in the upper 70s to low 80s.

This shows what a wet April it turned out to be for most.

Enjoy your week Weather Watchers-