As a weather watchers we ask that you send in information and pictures about weather that is occurring around you- we do this to reach as many Kansans as possible. 

When you send in your photos you are allowing us the rights to those photos to be used by other Weather related entities. 

We have an agreement with KAKE, Weather Nation and The Weather Channel that they can use our (your) photos. WE DO NOT SELL PHOTOS OR VIDEOS. 

If you send us images they will be copyrighted. We ran in to a situation today where a Weather Watcher sent us images and then sent then to others. The other party sent these images to 2 of the outlets we work with and it has caused s nightmare. 

So again, photos submitted to us become our property and will be copywritted as such. 

Thanks for the understanding- 

If you have questions- please ask….

We have never taken credit for images that are not ours and never will…..