Good evening Weather Watchers…We wanted to show you the area of Thunderstorms that have caused a few Thunderstorm Warnings in West Central KS… There is a Wall Cloud on the Southern most storm. You can see on the VELOCITY scan that the storm is rotating- let’s take a look:

You can see the Green colors – they indicate winds aloft moving towards the radar ( The Dodge City Radar is just South of these storms- the Reds indicate winds moving away from the radar – we have added the arrows to give you an idea what the wind fields looks like. You can also see the notch in the storm – that is inflow from Southeast winds.

We have a report from spotters in the area that they are seeing a Wall Cloud.

This storm is over mostly rural areas…These storms shouldn’t persist much after dark unless they can develop a healthy cold pool – Their movement is ESE at 20mph

We will update you on tomorrow outlook around 9:45 to 10pm when we will have updated data.

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