Good morning Weather Watchers!

It looks like this area of light rain will move further East than we anticipated- making it to the I-135 corridor. 

Here is the current Regional radar..

 The satellite image shows that the low level clouds are holding tough over the Western 3/4 of the State.

This will keep temps in the upper 50s to low 60s.


The heaviest area of rain, including a few Thunderstorms, is located over NW OK- this area has more instability  than areas further North. 
Models keep this area of moisture together through the afternoon. 

Here is this morning HRRR- a short term model showing the precip shield holding together through 1-2pm.


Rainfall totals should unfortunately be mostly light unless we can get some of that instability to move into South Central KS which doesn’t look likely. 
Let us know your rainfall totals….
The storm we are watching for later next week continues to move further South – something we need to watch closely… 

Have a GREAT day….