Hello Weather Watchers!

Remember when we talk about “fantasy” storms? These are usually storm systems that show up several days out towards the end of the model run.

We have told you we think something is going to change around Christmas week. We are fairly confident temperatures will get colder….

What would you think of 3 Strong storms in a row beginning 12-22/ 12-24/ 12/27???

We just had to show you these models, KNOWING THAT THE LIKELIHOOD OF A SIGNIFICANT WINTER STORM IS LOW, maybe just to get you in a HOPEFUL mood…

Christmas is such a magical season….you snow lovers can wish and ?.

Again, CONFIDENCE IS LOW, but it is something we will watch closely- WHY?? The long term forecast technique we use does have the potential for a storm or two during this time frame in the Central US. WE WILL SHOW YOU TOMORROW….Hopefully the Storm is still showing up and hasn’t disappeared…

We know our Farm partners will be excited to just to see some moisture showing up…

Check in tomorrow…..

Weather Watchers….