Hi Weather Watchers!

The Warm front across the I-70 corridor didn’t disappoint.

Mitchell County recorded a significant Tornadic event as we as the Storm that formed close the Osage City and moved Northeast.

Here is the track of that Tornado. I think we will see EF3-EF4 Damage once the assessments are completed today.

This is the track it took. It lifted on the SW side of the KC Metro just West of the Racetrack/Legends and skipped around and NE across the Metro before reforming NE of the Metro around Kearney, MO just East of I-35.

Debris was sent thousands of feet into the air…and landed up to 40 miles from the actual Tornado!

Here is a picture of a piece of metal that landed on a KCI runway. KCI saw other debris but this was the largest piece…which caused them to stop operations.

These are some images we got just NE of Wichita around Park City to Kechi to Whitewater . It shows the Supercell structure – we caught a couple of funnels coming from this rotating Wall cloud:

Both of Kansas’ largest cities were extremely fortunate.

We got word last night that a Storm Chasing Tour company was hit by a Satellite Tornado South of Lawrence – 2 Vans were overturned when a Rain-wrapped Satellite Tornado 2 miles from the main circulation!!

This goes to show you- NO MATTER how experienced you (and this tour company is ran by one of the most experienced Meteorologists is the chasing community) are conditions can and do change on a dime…

This is the view we had as we headed home looking West around 8:45pm

####### JUNE #######

As far as June goes we are predicting Above Average Precip and Normal to slightly below normal temps.

The second week of June should be very active as well as the 4th week.

In the near term we should dry out until Friday with chances for Storms Friday night into Saturday

We should then have daily chances of Thunderstorms early next week. Scattered Storms should form due to daytime heating and then fall apart just after dark.

The second week of June we should have some fairly interesting Severe set-ups- these are Signature Storms that are returning Systems. They are part of our recurring pattern theory.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Have a great day!!

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