Models have picked up on the Thanksgiving weekend storm…

Do you remember in November, we had a big warm up (60s) on Black Friday and Saturday followed by Heavy snow, Strong winds and Cold temps for many areas of KS Sunday the 25th and Monday the 27th.

We went to bed Sunday and overnight the Blizzard Conditions were forecast 50-80 miles South of where we thought they were going to be….

How will this storm act this cycle?

How will seasonal differences affect it?

Will we have a strong pressure gradient with the storm?

Here is what the most recent model is forecasting…

Here is the forecast snowfall potential:

This is one of our signature storms…it will be interesting to track how it develops.

We know things will change…but how? Be patient, we will watch it together.

There was a secondary system ( A warm system ) on the heels of the Blizzard. It was responsible for Heavy Rain and Severe Thunderstorms here in Kansas. There were Tornadoes in Oklahoma. A tornado was on the ground in Eastern OK for 70 miles. It was up to EF3 strength at times.

These were the Tornado parameters ahead of the surface Low in the Panhandle. Impressive for Dec 1!!

Things should begin to get active beginning late next week if our Long Range forecasting technique is accurate…

Stay tuned….

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