We have MANY new Weather Watchers so it’s time to remind everyone about our App.

Add our App to your Smartphone or Tablet, it has everything you need to keep you informed year round!

The App is named Weather Watchers

How to use it:

UPDATES: To get our most current Weather Watcher update make sure and click on “Latest Updates”, click on the blue text to get the entire update. You can also SHARE the post right from this location. 

RADAR: To use one of the most accurate radars that also uses touch screen to get down to the street level or as wide as a regional radar – click on “Radar maps”

SHARE PICTURES: If you want to share your pictures – click on “Live Album” and upload your image with a description of where and when it was taken.


Download the App that close to 10,000 other Kansans already use. You can always let us know what you think by clicking on “Leave us feedback”

Have a great day!!