Hello Weather Watchers!

Our storm system continues wreaking Severe Weather havoc across Illinois.

Reports of “SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE” and “PERSONS TRAPPED” have been coming in over the last 2-3 hours.

Here are a couple images we have received.

Notice one of them have Snow in the ditch with the Tornado in the background.

The Tornado below went through Taylorville causing “SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE” – Search & Rescue is ongoing…

Here are the Rotation Tracks of these Tornadic storms:

Closer to home the area of Low Pressure is still hanging around:

This have been more of a Severe Weather producer than a Snow producer. The moisture that the Low was drawing NNW from the Gulf for Snow helped produce all the Tornadoes on OK yesterday and IL today.


If you are planning travel Friday into Saturday please stay tuned.

Confidence is Moderate for a Winter Weather event.

GFS MODEL – Snowfall

Euro Model Snowfall:

Please stay tuned…