Hi Weather Watchers! 

We will be on a roller coaster this week. 

A STRONG area of Low pressure will develop in Eastern CO. It will become extremely WINDY as this Low intensifies. Those with autoimmune issues will likely feel this system Tuesday and Wednesday.

Extreme Fire Weather will prevail Monday through Wednesday.

Monday Fire Outlook:

Tuesday/Wednesday Fire Outlook


Take a look at this graphic from NWS Dodge City:
  The above graphic shows the set-up – Tuesday night into Wednesday is when the system begins to move out onto the Plains. Details are somewhat sketchy as to the exact timing of activity Wednesday.

Based on the location of the Low Wednesday will determine who sees what kind of weather. Those East and Southeast of the Low could see Thunderstorms and those on the North and West side of the Low will see STRONG  NW wind, FALLING TEMPS and the potential for a RAIN/SNOW mix.


Will someone in South Central Kansas see 90 Tuesday??? Very possible….