Wanted to show you what we do when we can’t be everywhere at once – ( this is why we ask for lots of pictures though, they tell us a lot)

We use satellite and radar data  to identify initial development from CUMULUS Fields aka CU fields – lines of Cottonball looking clouds that try to form together and then form updrafts to create Cumulonimbus clouds.

This is what we are seeing NOW-4:30pm

See the light blue radar return to the SW of Medicine Lodge? That is the clouds on the Satellite image below that are hardly visible but we know that what they are as that is where the dryline is based off of surface conditions.  

Pretty cool huh??

The next image gives us an idea of the CAP- ( the lid on the pop bottle or in this case- the lid on the thunderstorms.)

The area covered in BLUE in Western KS is Capped due to sinking air since the boundary has passed. The area where were could see a few storms is where there are just a few lines- that indicates a Cap is present but it can be breached in certain areas. 


This image shows the surface winds- can you find the boundary??

Let’s see if anything develops…

Hope this helps you understand what we look at when we don’t have eyes in the sky and why we always ask for pictures and your current conditions.
Questions- please ask….