Hello Weather Watchers!

I know many of you are wondering what in the world is going on with our Weather. If you remember last year many in Kansas were still getting tomatoes from their plants until around the 17th or so. It was a long growing season.

One thing we pay close attention to in the Fall and Winter is the how the Canadian and Arctic Air move around. The gauge we use keep track of the Cold Air are the AO and the NAO indices.

The charts with the squiggly lines….each of the lines represent a computer model. So we look for trends like we do with other models.

Let’s look at the CURRENT AO ( Arctic Oscillation ) which shows the potential of that index going into the negative again -with this time, that would likely produce some MUCH COLDER AIR here in the Central US.

If you remember- we had a 2 week period in mid October into early November that produced below average temperatures. If this is truly part of this years pattern, those Cooler temps should return. If you look at the indicators above the AO was neutral when we had those below average temps. If it takes a hard dive into the negative territory- that would indicate very chilly temps.

Another indicator is the NAO ( North American Oscillation ), let’s take a look:

It too takes a dive into the negative the latter part of the first week of December….

We will keep an eye on this and keep you posted on how these indices continue to trend…this seems to be lining up with the Pattern change we have been anticipating.

Weather Watchers