Good morning Weather Watchers! Happy Fathers Day to all of the amazing fathers out there!

We are waiting for the 8am update from the Storm Prediction Center.

We have a few festering showers with maybe a rumble of thunder across North Central Kansas:

Here is the updated SPC Outlook…The Enhanced Area has expanded into Nebraska.

The Very Large Hail outlook has expanded North into Nebraska ( up to baseball size ) which is the reason the SPC upgraded the Enhanced Risk further North:

The Tornado threats remains fairly low but not zero- it appears that the greatest threat for a potential Tornado will be across West Central section of KS as storms form around 3pm. That threat decreases some as storms begin to line up HOWEVER we think there will be the potential for a slightly increased Tornado threat over South Central KS as the low level jet kicks in (7-10pm) – these Tornadoes would be embedded within the line as it moves ESE.

With that said we still believe that the GREATEST THREAT will be Wind gust of 70+ mph:

We are thinking that this area ( the black hatched area ) could possibly be upgraded to a Moderate Risk at the next update around noon today. WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED.

If you will be outdoors today- please check in with us from time to time as we will be out in the field monitoring development and upscale growth of this system. We will be updating you via FACEBOOK LIVE from our page or the App PERISCOPE – you can find us by searching for Weather Watchers.

If you have questions- please ask.

Have a good morning-