The atmosphere has destabilized enough to all for Low-topped Supercells to develop.

These storms are mini Supercells but can still pack a punch with heavy rain, large hail and even brief tornadoes/funnel clouds.

Here is the outline for the Watch….

This is the reason for the watch:

The strong surface low that is moving NE slowly – it’s counterclockwise circulations can be seen on radar… it looks like a Hurricane with its bands…. Essentially that is what it is except is not wrapped up as tight and doesn’t get its CAPE ( energy )from the Warm ocean waters.

As we told you in our previous update, we are told you we are expecting additional Severe Weather and Heavy rainfall that will lead to additional flooding…

Many roads across the Eastern 1/2 of Kansas are flooded…it only takes 6″ of quick moving water to sweep your vehicle off of a flooded roadway… With soils so saturated- soil erosion is likely along and underneath the roadway.

Here are the thoughts on additional precipitation.

4″-8″ over the next 5-7 days looks very reasonable.

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