Good morning Weather Watchers!  One Supercell produced quite a show in West Central Kansas yesterday over open land. I’m sure some wheat was lost, but no structures. 

The structure of the Storm was beautiful- it was a beautiful mothership  – it dropped tennis ball size hail and up to 4 Tornadoes for close to SIX hours that it existed.

Additional Scattered storms are possible over Western KS today. LARGE HAIL and STRONG WINDS are the biggest threats-cannot rule out a tornado or two.

Tornado threat area:

HAIL up to 2″ in diameter:

As the week goes on:

Heavy rainfall over the next 10-14 days is showing up in the models:

Have a GREAT DAY…Look for Watches and warnings later today over Western KS.

AGAIN– These storms will be hit and miss…with two or three dominant storms. 

Models begin development around 3-4pm today along the US 83 corridor and begin to suppress them around 9-10pm as the Cap strengthens.