As we have done for 2 years Weather Watchers,  we are here to give you a heads up when we see the potential threats from Weather in our future. 

No hype- just facts. 

Wednesday into Thursday has the potential for what we call a HIGH IMPACT Severe event- which includes Very Large Hail, Strong Winds and Tornadoes. The area that we are concerned about include the US281corridor East. From Russell to Great Bend to Pratt to Medicine Lodge and areas East to the Missouri State Line. 

We are 72 hours out from the event and the threat area can change 50 miles to the East or West, so please continue to check back. 

We have good confidence that a Severe Weather event will occur, we are not totally confident where the Low, Dryline and Warm front will set up- we have an idea but let’s not focus that now- just understand where the potential exists as stated above and make sure you are ready and prepared for Mother Natures fury if you are in that area.

This is just one image that shows Supercell Potential around 4 PM Wednesday. The darker (more red) the image the more likely Supercells will form.

Here are some Preparedness tips. 


We should have a better idea of the details tomorrow- 

Look for a full scale update tomorrow. In the mean time go over your Preparedness plans. 

As always, any questions, just ask. 

We are here to make sure you get through this safe by providing you GOOD, REAL TIME information!