Good morning Weather Watchers!!

We have several images to show you…

The first is the current conditions and current SPC outlook….

The Rich moisture has been slow to return… Why? Take a look at the next image. The Southern area has lots of on-going Storms this morning that is robbing the Northern areas of moisture. 

As a result the Tornado threat has decreased for SOME, which is good news- DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN-A TORNADO THREAT STILL EXISTS, just not as significant as it was with our earlier outlook. 


The atmospheric dynamics are such that even with less moisture and even with less CAPE, Storms will still form and have the potential to be significant hail producers.

The areas in Red could see up to Tennis Ball size hail in the stronger storms. 


Thunderstorms should initiate around 3-4pm. They will move SW to NE and they should be moving around 45 mph. 

We are certainly not out of the woods- 

Make sure you are prepared for Severe Weather today- 

Watches and Warnings are likely. 

If the sun comes out – that only adds to the threat…

Another update around 11:30


Questions, please ask…,