Hello Weather Watchers.

The Supercells in SW KANSAS are starting to weaken….they have likely damaged the Wheat in a few counties.

Here is an image we got :

This was a Large Mothership Supercell!! We are able to make out the formation because of a lightning flash. See the striations in the cloud structure?

2-4” of Rain has fallen in this area:

Torrential rainfall and hail have been reported in the area circled.

The complex is still going- which means it’s developed it’s own cold pool and will continue to dive SE…notice other cells trying to develop off to the East. The low level jet is aiding in some of the continued development- something we didn’t anticipate being as strong as it is this evening.

There will likely be multiple outflow boundaries tomorrow- we will have to see how tonight’s activity plays into tomorrow’s event. Could be very interesting…

Our thinking is storms develop around 2-3pm:


The storms will have the best Hail and Tornadic potential from 3-5pm:

Getting very concerned that a VERY STRONG Wind Event develops as storms line up around 5-8pm. Wind gusts approaching 80mph are very possible. Prepare tomorrow morning.

Torrential rainfall and Damaging winds are likely along this line as it moves ESE….this is 7-9pm

WE WILL PROVIDE AN OVERNIGHT OR EARLY MORNING UPDATE… Please check back for our more current thoughts Sunday AM

Good night-

Weather Watchers