Ok Weather Watchers….Lets be serious but have some fun at the same time…

Let’s see a #selfie of you and your family or co-workers in your #safeplace . We call it a #safeplaceselfie .

Show us where you will be protected from and prepared for Severe Weather. 

We could see some Thunderstorms late this week and into early next week. Some could be Strong maybe Severe, especially Sunday/Monday,  in Eastern sections of Kansas.

Show us your #safeplace

Those who participate will have their #safeplace entered to receive a AM/FM Weather radio, one that doesn’t need batteries. 

PLUS – others pictured in a #safeplaceselfie could receive a Weather Watchers Cap!

Thanks Hutchinson State Farm agent Greg West!
It’s time to think Spring storms…..

Make this a FUN EXERCISE while reviewing your safety procedures.