Good morning Weather Watchers!

Our forecast from  last night verified down to the counties. We needed a win. 

Showers and isolated thunderstorms are moving North into South Central Kansas as we speak.

The Blue line represents a cool front and the little red dots are those storm spotters. Some continually leave their reporting App on.   
You can see the wind shift and slightly cooler temperatures behind the front. 
 Further South into Texas they are experiencing Severe Weather including Damaging High Winds of 70-75mph and Small Hail that just recently moved through the Dallas Metro- I highlighted the backwards C showing where the winds are located. 
Further South in Texas they are already in a Tornado Watch as conditions are favorable for Tornados today and especially into the evening overnight. 

BACK IN KANSAS – expect showers and isolated thunder through this evening over the Eastern half of the State. Showers are possible behind the cool front. 

Additionally rain is possible later in the week – nothing significant- just a few showers around the Thursday night-Friday night time frame. 

Questions, please ask….