Hello Weather Watchers!!

Help us to continue to expand from Facebook to our Website. We have people from 84 different countries that are watching Kansas Weather with us from our website.

It is simple and easy to “Sign up” Once you have created your account, you are FIRST to be notified when an update is posted to the site via email.

Additionally we have added a BRAND NEW CHAT FEATURE that is NEW to the Internet. You can CHAT with us and other Weather Watchers LIVE and you can submit pictures right into the CHAT to let those you are in contact with know what you are seeing!

When we go LIVE we can now CHAT and answer your questions. 

Lastly, we have added a NEW, EASY WAY for you to “Submit your Weather” – by Clicking on the menu you can QUICKLY upload a photo with a description of what we are seeing and where you are! It goes right into our photo album – showing YOU TOOK IT!

Lots of New!! That’s why it is important to “Sign Up”

Will you please “Sign Up” now at www.SevereWeather.US

 This is what you see when you land on our page. It is very simple- just click on the down arrow where the blue arrow is pointing- a menu will appear- click on “Sign Up”- Create a user name and password for the site.  If you have questions, we are here to help-just ask. 

We don’t ask much- but we need you to do this, it is important to us.

Thank you-

Weather Watchers