Periscope is what we will be using a lot this year. It allows for LIVE, REAL TIME broadcasting in the field. 


We will show you how to look for boundaries ( the key to chasing), we will show you how Supercells form, how Wall clouds forms and hopefully the ultimate, Tornadogenesis! 

We told you earlier that you had to sign up for twitter first-THAT IS NOT SO…

So go sign up for Periscope and then search for Weather Watchers and follow us. 

If you are a Weather Enthusiast, this App is awesome! You can even type questions to us while we are talking and filming LIVE. 

This App stays on ALL THE TIME. If we start broadcasting your smartphone will beep/vibrate if you look at your screen and see that we are broadcasting you click whether you want to watch or not….IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

WE WILL BE WORKING WITH A NATIONAL MEDIA OUTLET PROVIDING LIVE UPDATES FOR KANSAS STORMS. That is all we can say at this time. We are very excited and hope you are too.

Please add us on Periscope if you want to learn about Severe Weather….
Questions- please ask
It works on Android, Apple and PC’s – so no one is excluded…