Good morning Weather Watchers!

Here is today’s Severe set-up. It is an interesting set-up, not a conventional set-up but one we see during summer.

Here is the overall THREAT AREA:

Tornado potential- not everyone will see a Tornadic storm – the area in brown is the best area for the potential of a Tornadic storm early on

  High wind potential- 60-80mph winds this is a big threat as the individual storms form into a MCS( Mesoscale Convective System) a BIG LARGE storm complex that we see a lot at night into the morning hours during the summer.

 The storms should begin late afternoon early evening shown here-( THIS IS NOT EXACTLY WHERE THEY WILL FORM ) likely in the area however.

We have a STRONG area of High pressure that is affecting Southern KS-


This is why the Northern areas have seen storms the last couple of nights- the storms move around the High- as High pressure is not conducive for storms. Here is this mornings radar


Let’s take a look at current Satellite it is quite obvious where the High is

We expect today’s storms to fire NEAR the outflow boundary- we will be able to tell where it is later today as Cumulus clouds will form close to it. 

We will keep you posted…

This will be exciting to watch develop.