Hello Weather Watchers…

The NWS has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for a few counties in Central through Northeast Kansas. A Cold front will be providing the lift for this episode of drizzle.

 The freezing drizzle should change over to drizzle after 9/10am as temperatures head above freezing.
IF YOU LIVE IN RENO, STAFFORD, HARVEY COUNTIES BE AWARE IF YOU HAVE ANY DRIZZLE AND IT IS BELOW 32 degrees-things could get slippery. Not sure the moisture will make it that far South, just be aware it is possible.

Take extra time late tonight into tomorrow as roadways could be slick and hazardous.

The weather then improves. Temps reaching 60 degrees by Friday Central and West, upper 50s East,  before another system moves through late next weekend into early next week. It is a system we have been watching for some time-when it came through in mid December we got just shy of an inch of rain in Central KS and over 2 inches in Kansas City. Someone in the Plains will see significant snow, some will see Severe Weather, some will see just a cold front. Details will become clearer as the week progresses so stay tuned.

Questions, please ask…