Hello Weather Watchers!

Those who live in South Central Kansas could see smoke from CONTROLLED BURNS IN THE FLINT HILLS.

You can see some clouds on the infrared satellite image. Let us know if you are seeing smoke in your area. 
 TUESDAY: VERY CRITICAL TO EXTREME FIRE DANGER is forecast for Tuesday is Southwest and South Central KS. Elevated Fire Danger is forecast for most of the rest of the State.                                   See below graphic:

Southwesterly winds gusting to 40mph are likely Tuesday afternoon with relative humidities around 8%-15% will cause any fire to RAPIDLY SPREAD.

 A cool front will move through the State Tuesday from the Northwest to Southeast. Scattered Thunderstorms are possible ahead of the cool front especially from Central through Northeast Kansas. 

 Wednesday and Thursday will again be  Extreme Fire risk days especially in CENTRAL KANSAS as STRONG Northwest winds gust to 30-35mph.
Another system is possible late in the weekend- Models are differing on solutions so not putting a lot of stock into  the potential for Thunderstorms Sunday afternoon and evening over parts of Central and Eastern Kansas.

If you have question- please ask-

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