Hello Weather Watchers! 

We posted this image last night and asked you for one word of what you thought you were looking at. You did a great job… everyone was correct based on the general description we gave you.  

The isobars or lines of equal pressure are very close together and the closer they are the higher the wind values. The wind barbs are showing a 30 knot wind which converts to around a 35 mph sustained wind with gusts to 50 mph.

So those who answered “wind” were correct. The next thing to look at in the image was the temperature profile. The white line surrounding the blue represents freezing temps. We were hoping you picked up on our thoughts that we were expecting inclimate weather.

Based on just that model, the word we were looking for was BLIZZARD. 

Great job to everyone who participated- we will be drawing a name here in a bit from everyone who submitted an answer.



This storm system looks like another strong system with a lot of wind. It will be somewhat of a colder system, possibly producing a rain/snow mix for Western and Central Kansas. 

As always, details will likely change- however, confidence on a decent storm for the Central Plains is rather high this far out. 

We will update you later tonight.

Questions, just ask…