Hello Weather Watchers, Happy Thursday!

We know many of you want some interesting weather, something besides this desert weather we have been experiencing for over 45 Days.

Let’s revisit why things are the way they are.

In order to do that let’s take a look at the 500mb maps – 500mb is around 18,000 ft above the surface.

Here is the current 500mb maps…. the colors represent wind speed:

The reason we are so chilly today is the position of the jet stream —see how the airflow is moving directly from the North to the South! ? The jet stream is bringing Very cold Arctic Air South. That’s why it is snowing in SW Texas today and as the Low follows the Jet stream there will be snow on the back side of the Low as it moves off to the East following the White line:

Frustrating for us here in the Central and Northern Plains… The US snow cover is way below normal…. this is because of the setup of our upper air flow:

The pattern stays very close to what we see above with the River of Cold Air moving East and West giving us some warm days as it slides East a hundred miles or so and then cooling back down as it moves back West. This will continue as long as the High off of the West Coast doesn’t break down– which should happen right before Christmas….

Here is what the models are forecasting

Are these model images correct based off of our long range forecast pattern???

We are researching that and will show you images based on previous history what we should expect through Christmas in the next few days.


Here is what we should expect through the weekend:

Thursday, Cold Highs in the low to mid 30s

Thursday night clear with lows in the 20s West to Teens East

Friday Clear Highs in the 50s West and Central 40s East

Saturday Highs in the 50s

Sunday’s warming up into the upper 50s to low 60s ahead of another dry front –

Monday Cooler- Highs around 50 with GUSTY NW Winds…