Good evening Weather Watchers!

You might want to cover exposed vegetation this evening as frost is possible in the Counties in Blue. 

 All of the affected areas are West of    I-135. 

Rain comes back into the picture Wednesday – the potential of heavy rainfall does exist in South Central and Southeast Kansas. 

As we mentioned earlier- additional Storms are possible FRIDAY – SUNDAY in the region – some Storms could be Strong or Severe. 

The reason for this active pattern is another piece of energy is rotating through the Southwest US into the Central Plains. 

We have had some questions as to why we are discussing Severe potential this far out.  

This is a weather enthusiast page, not a news media page or just a forecast page. We started this page to teach and explain weather to those who are interested and to establish a Weather network across the State with the multiple moderators we have in place.

We don’t hype weather we tell you what you need to know and we answer almost every question we can. NO ONE was doing that 3 years ago when we began our page. We were the  ONLY group of Chasers/Enthusiasts/Meterologists that took time to answer your questions to help you understand weather. 


We offer LIVE streaming coverage from different areas across the State, plus we offer LIVE coverage with radar analysis on occasion as well teaching you how to understand how radars work and what to look for on different radar settings.

So as far as discussing the potential of Severe Storms a week to 10 days out we will continue to do so and we will discuss the how and why things come together or why they don’t. 

Any questions, please ask! 

We enjoy discussing weather and appreciate you SHARING YOUR WEATHER.