i said last night I wished I could wake up and tell you the threat has diminished…. It has…. as the moisture we anticipated streaming Northward overnight got shunted South by the big Storms that occurred in OK and TX.

There is currently storms moving through SW Kansas. They will move ENE – behind those storms we expect clearing and destabilization – as the BIG STORM in the upper levels approach is when we expect Severe Storms to fire with a few Tornadoes developing with Large Hail. 


   The threat for Significant Severe Weather becomes more CONDITIONAL the further East you go. 

We can’t be sure how this system will develop as it approaches the I-135 corridor. With less moisture and less energy available for storms. 

Assume you could see Severe Weather in Central/SouthCentral KS — until you hear different. Just know it most likely won’t be significant tornadoes like we were thinking last night. 


We apologize for how crazy the last weeks forecasts have turned out- we are only as good as the information provided to us by Supercomputers – there becomes lots of variables when you have significant storms that the computers cannot pick up on- this is what has occurred with all the Significant storms in TX and OK…

We are still heading to SW Kansas to cover keep our Weather Watchers out there informed..