This funnel was called in to the Wichita National Weather Service office this afternoon by a very knowledgeable chaser, someone who I have chased with before in my 20 years of chasing.

I don’t know the exact conversation that was had but basically the NWS blew off the report and then posted this on Twitter:

 The chaser then sent them the image of the the funnel on Twitter to which they replied:

  What is hard to see?? If she said it briefly touched down- it did. Even if it didn’t why wasn’t it Tornado warned? 

So you are not issuing a Tornado Warning for this storm because their was no debris and the radar didn’t look good for Tornadic activity?! Why was there a funnel? Wouldn’t you rather error on the side of caution?? I WOULD and so would MY FAMILY!! 
She did exactly what you train to do in your yearly training classes. Then you disregard her report.

What topped it all off to me was the this report on a totally different storm.

“A funnel was maybe a quarter way to the ground, at best”—it was called in by an off duty NWS employee who was chasing–this storm was then Tornado warned. 

So if you are going to warn one storm with a funnel, why not the other??? 

Throw the radar out when someone is sending you pictures of a Storm with a funnel. 

If you allow this to continue- you will be losing GOOD people supplying you with GOOD information. 

I’ve been given the third degree a couple times when out chasing… I only send pictures which are verifiable- but that always doesn’t seem to work with the Wichita office…

Sorry for the rant- keeping EVERYONE safe is one part of the reason we started this group and we will not waiver from that.