Thanks for your help with what you are experiencing Weather Watchers- that’s what we are looking for everytime a front moves through- please keep it up- great job.

Here is what is going on here at the surface:

With the reports of ice pellets, sleet and flurries – those reports tell us that the atmosphere above the surface (3000-5000ft) is much colder- below 32 degrees. That is why you can have a surface temp of 37 but be snowing here at the surface. 

When the opposite occurs- warmer above, say around 3000-500o ft and we have a shallow layer of cold air below 32 here at the surface- that is the set-up for ICE- something I am concerned with with our pattern this Winter….

Also seeing some showers and thunderstorms forming along the front in SE KS and NE OK.
Hope this help you understand what’s happening tonight… It will be short lived -the atmosphere will dry out as the cold air advects South.

Good night…

Keep your reports coming…

Weather Watchers