Good Friday are the current conditions and radar.

Several Flash Flood warnings are in effect in NW Kansas……To find them, check out our Web page by clicking here —–> www.SevereWeather.US and then click on the WARNING at the top of the page, a map will pop up as well as each written warning that you can scroll through. THESE ARE ONLY KANSAS WARNINGS.


Expect HOT temps once again tomorrow with a better chance of Thunderstorms for Central KS late tomorrow night.


In order to participate in this contest starting August 1st, YOU MUST REGISTER for our website.

Click —> www.SevereWeather.US and you will be directed here:

This is the main page- once here, see where the blue arrow is? Place your cursor there and hit enter. 


A drop down box will appear, scroll down to “Sign Up” and then click done – a new screen will appear asking you for Create a User name and Password along with some additional information.

Once complete, you are an official member of Weather Watchers and can  “Submit your photos”  with a description. 

This is how we will accept photos once the contest begins. Don’t submit contest photos early, as we will require an additional step to ID the photos- that will come with official contest rules.


Your peers will ultimately decide the winners….

Stay tuned for more details!!