Hi Weather Watchers!

We have a piece of energy moving through Wed into Thursday. It’s a weak system but what we need to do is watch the track of this Low.

Write this storm down – it will likely return as part of new pattern.

Here is what it looks like around 500mb (18,500′) which is the level that we track systems.

Halloween system?? Something we are watching…

Here is what the NAM NEST Models are showing for timing of the system- this model looks to be the outlier by 4-6 hours… most other models have the onset of Precip later.


The systems has a bullseye in Central Kansas where up to .50″-.60″

could accumulate.

Most other areas should see up to-


We think the pattern will be getting active- in the next 10 days to 2 weeks.

We will keep you posted….

Weather Watchers