Good evening Weather Watchers!

Storms formed along a mid level frontal boundary let’s see if we can find it using our wind charts.

These are the 500mb Winds- can you see where the front is?

What direction will the Storms in SW KS likely move???

18,500′ above ground or 500mb

10,000′ above ground is 700mb :

The next level is 5000′ ft above ground or 850mb

The winds that blow at different directions at different levels is what we call wind shear- this is weak wind shear but it is not ZERO so it is helping these storms develop and continue along with the necessary fuel called CAPE- Convective Available Potential Energy.

Let see how much ENERGY is available by looking at this other chart- It’s called Thermodynamics:

This is the available CAPE these storms have to work with:

To answer the first question – these storms should follow this front- which I will draw in- take back look at the charts can you see where you think it is?? Let’s see if you got it right….

Did you get it correct??

Watch the radar and watch them dissipate after sundown as the atmosphere has stabilized-

Could we see storms form overnight? We could, but we do not think they will be widespread even if a few develop. The atmosphere is stabilized after this mornings storms.

Here are the last 48 hour rainfall totals….