Hello Weather Watchers!


Wanted to show you the developing Storm system that’s making its way on shore in the Pacific Northwest….can you see the counterclockwise spin over Washington and Oregon? That’s the upper level low coming onshore…..see the Pacific moisture being pulled into the Storm? Look at the clouds moving West to East very quickly- that tells us the upper level winds associated with this system are very strong in the upper levels.

Let’s take a look at the Satellite image below to see what we are describing above….click on it to make it loop….

If you looks North of the Border you can see see clouds moving SSE – these are associated with the Cold Air heading South into the Central US…you can actually see its on the move headed our way…

Check out the static satellite image below as well as the Winter Weather Warnings that have been issued for when this system begins to intensify…

This is the forecast for Monday PM:

VERY STRONG WINDS WILL CAUSE BLIZZARD CONDITIONS IN THE EASTERN DAKOTAS AND WESTERN MINNESOTA- winds gusting to 50mph and Snow will cause these condition Monday into Monday night.


It will rapidly intensify which we will see by the Strong NW winds on the COLD side of the system…

4PM Tomorrow:

Questions- ask….