Hello Weather Watchers!

A STRONG AREA of Low Pressure will develop over Southeast CO, Southwest KS late tonight into early Wednesday. The Low will then move East before trekking Northeast along the Kansas Turnpike.

The main impacts will be a few showers ahead of the Low as it moves East and Very Cold Air will wrap around the Low in a counterclockwise direction – the Cold Air will interact with limited moisture on the Northwest side of the Low to producing light Snow in the areas outlined in Purple-

The area to see the greatest Snowfall are the areas in Blue….

Another impact tomorrow will be VERY STRONG WINDS in Southwest Kansas gusting to 50+mph…

The lasting impact will be VERY COLD AIR moving in for the weekend as another piece of COLD AIR moves through FRIDAY making Saturday-Sunday EXTREMELY COLD with HIGHS in the 20s…..

We warm up next week as Southerly flow returns by Monday into Tuesday….


Hurricane Nate returns!!! Remember our Cycling pattern we use to help forecast long term??

We established that this years Pattern is around 46-50 Days.

Look what showed up TODAY on Satellite in the GULF OF MEXICO just West of Florida!! An area of Low Pressure!!!

This was Nate 94 -96 Days ago!!!

The maps above are the 925mb map ( on top ) and the 500mb ( on bottom) for Oct 7 2017–95 DAYS AGO!!!

Amazing isn’t it!!!

Also look in at the 500 mb – it shows tomorrow storm right on top of us!!


Questions – please ask!

Weather Watchers

The 3rd cycle of our 47.5 day Pattern begins tomorrow